I have asked the question, "Why are not going solar today?", and the response I hear most often is, "We are waiting for the price to drop."  While I can understand why people would think that solar panel pricing will drop but the truth is, they have plateau within the last few years.  There is no better time than now to start saving on your energy bill.  The US Federal Government is providing a 30% Tax Credit which is scheduled to end after 2019.  Starting in 2020, it will decrease to 26% and decrease again to 22% in 2021.  How much longer can you afford to wait?  Like everything else, energy cost is on the raise and the Federal Tax Credit will be decreasing.

There is no guarantee solar panel prices will decrease but one thing is certain, the tax credit will be decreasing and energy cost will continue raise.  So why wait, contact us today for a free consultation to see how affordable solar energy is and take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit.