How Much Can I Save With Solar Energy?

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See for yourself, a 2nd Energy customer was able to drastically lower their energy bill immediately.  Other solar companies advise them an 8.5kW system was required for their home, but with 2nd Energy home efficiencies, a 6kW system was needed to produces these results.

How Much Does Solar Cost?

It is easier and more affordable to go solar with our advanced financing option.  No matter which option you choose, one thing is clear, the results are the same – more money in your pocket.

  • No Upfront cost

  • 0% Financing Available

  • Multiple financing option available to meet your needs

  • Take advantage of your local and federal rebates, making solar energy VERY AFFORDABLE

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2nd Energy Has Partnered With Sense Solar To Bring You The Latest Technology

See what’s up, know what’s on. Real-time monitoring of your home’s energy usage and solar production.

Reduce your energy usage. Determine what is contributing to your electricity bill and identify opportunities to save through real-time energy monitoring.

See your whole home energy picture. View your solar production and energy use side-by-side to help you shift your power usage to peak production periods.

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FREE Smart Thermostat


2nd Energy understands the importance of energy conservation. Every 2nd Energy solar home will be eligible for a free Ecobee Smart Thermostat.

Provide all-around comfort. Be comfortable in the rooms that matter. When you place sensors in your favorite rooms, ecobee4 can read the temperature and detect occupancy.

Listens and answers back. With Amazon Alexa Voice Service built inside, ecobee4 can perform the many ‘skills’ that comes with Alexa.

Comfort on the go. Adjust temperature and comfort settings easily from the ecobee mobile app.

Learn More About ecobee.

Switch to solar and start saving today.