As a homeowner, every dollar counts for your family.  With rising and unpredictable energy costs, the time is now to own your electricity.  With solar, you control direct access to clean abundant energy.  We will help you harness the power of the sun and protect your family’s future.

 Not only will you save thousands of dollars on your energy bill, but solar panels add value to your home without increasing your property tax.  Our sleek designs will make your home the envy of your neighbors.

Go green  and make tomorrow's energy today with our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE.


See for yourself, an actual 2nd Energy customer was able to drastically lower their energy bill.  Other solar companies advise them an 8.5kW system was required for their home, but with 2nd Energy home efficiencies, a 6kW system was needed to produces these results.


What makes 2nd Energy different from other solar companies?  Our goal is to reduce your energy consumption with home efficiencies before going solar.  Most homes waste over 30% of their energy usages, therefore, by eliminate these waste, you will need less energy to power your home. 

What does this mean to you?  You will need fewer solar panels, lowing your cost to go solar, while at the same time, making your home more energy efficient.

how much does solar cost?

It is easier and more affordable to go solar with our advanced financing option.  No matter which option you choose, one thing is clear, the results are the same – more money in your pocket.

  • No Upfront cost

  • 0% financing available

  • Multiple financing option available to meet your needs

  • Take advantage of your local rebates, making solar energy VERY AFFORDABLE


Solar Technology in the Cloud

  • Track technical and financial performance of your solar system

  • Presents historical and aggregated data, comparative analysis, and guided root-cause fault analysis

  • Remote service capabilities

  • Immediate fault detection and troubleshooting and efficient maintenance management


solar made simple

  • Free Consultation - We educate all of customers on how solar works and find ways to eliminate energy waste  

  • Quick Installation - Most of our installation takes only 1 day  

  • Inspection & Activation - You are all set once the electric company provides the final approval