what you need to know

Nearly all homeowners and commercial businesses are eligible to receive a Federal Tax Credit.  If you are unsure if you qualify, one of our solar energy consultant will be more than happy to assist.  

The next question we get most often is, "Are there any other rebates or incentives that I can take advantage of?"  It depends on who your energy provider is.  Most energy companies in Texas offer some type of rebate or incentives for going solar and the amount varies from company to company.


How Do The Rebates Work?

The Federal Tax Credit is a tax credit that you can claim on your tax return.  Currently, you are eligible to receive 30% of the total cost of your solar panels back in the form a tax credit.  

Rebates and incentives from your energy companies are issued after you install your solar panels and pass their final inspection.  There are some requirements and restrictions to these rebates so it's best that you speak with one of our solar energy consultant to confirm what you are eligible for.  Rebates from the energy companies are limited.  They tend to allocate a certain dollar amount and once that amount is reached, the rebates are suspended.  Once again, always check with your 2nd Energy Solar Energy Consultant for more information.