More Than Just a Solar Company

2nd Energy is one of the few companies to offer a Comprehensive Whole Home Solution to reduce energy costs.  Many homes waste thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity per year due to inefficiency.  This is why at 2nd Energy, every consultation begins with an analysis of the home.  By properly identifying and eliminating areas of waste and inefficiency, we save you more than solar alone.    

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A Complete Home Energy Solution

2nd Energy starts all solar consultation with a free energy analysis, a $250 value. We will examine your home to determine where you are wasting the most energy and eliminate these issues while installing your new solar system at the same time.

By eliminating energy waste, homeowners can rest assure their home if more efficient AND allows you to have a smaller solar system that produces enough energy to power the entire home.

Doing Solar The Right Way

What makes 2nd Energy different from other solar companies?  Our goal is to reduce your energy consumption with home efficiencies before going solar.  Most homes waste over 30% of their energy usages, therefore, by eliminate these waste, you will need less energy to power your home. 

What does this mean to you?  You will need fewer solar panels, lowing your cost to go solar, while at the same time, making your home more energy efficient.

We Make Going Solar Simple

Our experts are here to serve you. We offer a full range of solar design and energy efficient services for residential, commercial, educational and government projects.

We handle all aspects of the project from conception to completion, and monitor the productivity of your system for life. That's right, we are here, like a helpful neighbor, to ensure that you continue to be satisfied with your system. 

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We Stand Behind Our Services

We provide one of the most comprehensive warranties in today's market, a 25 year warranty.  We offer any and all type of solar panels that may fit your needs.  We will help you select the best option within your budget while maximizing and optimizing your solar energy needs.